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Our most recent DISCO meeting took place on Thursday 19th October 2023. Dr Orla Killeen gave a presentation about Down Syndrome Arthritis entitled  Down Syndrome Associated Arthritis (DA) – The Untold Story.’ The presentation can be viewed below.

Professor Orla Franklin spoke to the group about Understanding Congenital Heart Disease in Infants with Down Syndrome Recent contributions of Irish Researchers.’ at our summer DISCO meeting which took place on Thursday 15th June 2023. The presentation can be viewed below.

To read more about our other DISCO meetings, please click on the link below.

DISCO Meetings


The Down Syndrome Research Group meets once a quarter.


DIAMOND – Dyadic Interaction And neurodevelopMental Outcomes iN Down syndrome

Down Syndrome Conversation Café

Down Syndrome Conversation Café – PPI Ignite Festival 2022


EMERALD – Eye Movements & Early maRkers of Atypical Language Development in Down syndrome


Down syndrome and ImmuNOdeficiency and Systemic And mUltiorgan Responses

DS Register

National Register for Children with
Down Syndrome


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